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Based on the original comic strip Boondocks, Two young brothers (Huey and Riley) move away from their birth city to live with their irascible grandfather out in the suburbs. With one brother being socially and politically motivated and the younger brother a stereotypical black youth who likes rap music and culture etc Biting socio-political commentary ensues when they meet a whole cast of crazy exaggerated characters set in a mainly white middle upper class neighbourhood.
Based on the comic strip, Huey and Riley move away from the city and out to the suburbs with their irascible grandfather. Biting socio-political commentary ensues.
This show should have ended immediately after Aaron MacGruder left. The first season was easily deserving of a 10, the second season a fairly strong follow-up, the third season watchable. But this last season? MacGruder&#39;s name is absent from the credits, and the void shows big time.<br/><br/>It would be tough to analyze the vicissitudes of the first two seasons and the last two on an episode-by-episode basis, but just take a look at an episode guide to see how the show has changed. Most of the first season was comprised of sly satire. The second season, though not as potent as its predecessor, still delivered its fair share of laughs with The Story of Thugnificent (who could forget Eff Granddad?) and the return of misanthropic handicapped senior Col. Stinkmeaner. The third season, which shifted the focus from satire to parody, still managed to crank out some entertaining episodes like A Date with the Booty Warrior and the 9/11 parable in It&#39;s Going Down. The most recent episode of the fourth season is about the Kardashians.<br/><br/>Had the show premiered in the shape that its fourth season did, it would not have made it to a second running. It&#39;s vacuous trash. Periphery characters like Uncle Ruckus once served as outlandish yet deep distractions from the main action; he was a self-hating black racist, yet he had a heart and a personality–remember his consolation of Jazmine during the Christmas episode? Now, he barely even qualifies as a character; he&#39;s just a floating hive of virulence and racism who sporadically appears for a cheap laugh.<br/><br/>The animation–and even the premier dates–have been altered to reflect this change in format. Seasons one and two made their debuts in the fall and winter; seasons three and four aired their episodes in the summertime. The animation, which was a smooth western emulation of anime, is now the visual definition of TMI: any character exhibiting a modicum of emotion is drawn turns into a gnarled, demented silent-era movie villain. Just take a look at Granddad&#39;s &quot;monkey face&quot; in the season four intro; he barely looks human.<br/><br/>One of my favorite episodes, season one&#39;s A Date with the Health Inspector, concludes with Gin Rummy, Ed Wuncler III, Huey, and Riley taking a detour from the location of a free killer (for whose crime Tom was arrested) and stopping at a convenience store. Gin and Ed pull pistols on the Middle Eastern clerk, telling him to drop a gun (which he doesn&#39;t have, wink wink), turning the store into a warzone. The duo, having demolished the store, walk out to a volley of applause from a gathered crowd. Soft music plays as newspapers announce that the &quot;war heroes thwart(ed) terror cell&quot; and the screen fades to black.<br/><br/>You just know that, had the episode been made during season four&#39;s production, it would have ended with Granddad driving off a cliff.
This show reminds me of those old 8-track tapes my uncle had from truck stops, featuring XXX rated comedians. It&#39;s not that the material isn&#39;t funny, it&#39;s that there&#39;s so much crammed into one episode it gives you a headache.<br/><br/>I wouldn&#39;t let my kid watch this show, but as an adult, I can get a chuckle or two. Might be why it works as a comic strip, instead of show. Comic strip only needs one punchline. In and out. Even with a comic book you can read as long as you want, then put it down and come back. <br/><br/>This show isn&#39;t for everyone. It&#39;s a very specific style of humor, and some people have trouble seeing the humor in this style of presentation.

&quot;The Boondocks Theme&quot; by <a href="/name/nm2182707/">Asheru</a>. <a href="/name/nm1412298/">Aaron McGruder</a> decided to discontinue the daily comic strip in order to focus on the show. McGruder said in an interview: &quot;I wanted to hang on to both, but ultimately I made the decision that the show could not be sacrificed. Once I decided that, it was an easy decision, even if it cost me. I didn&#39;t want to do the strip badly and the show badly.&quot; He has not ruled out reviving the strip once the show has run its course.<br/><br/>Source:http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/tv/la-ca-boondocks30sep30,1,4034796.story?coll=la-entnews-tv Tom&#39;s name appears to be a reference to the tragic African-American slave in <a href="/name/nm0832952/">Harriet Beecher Stowe</a>&#39;s anti-slavery novel &quot;Uncle Tom&#39;s Cabin&quot; (1853). Due to his spiritual beliefs, Uncle Tom was very loyal to his masters despite suffering horrible abuse. Although the novel portrayed African-Americans in a positive light and was partly responsible for the ending of American slavery, subsequent stage and film adaptations changed Uncle Tom into a weak-minded, docile, happy slave. This stereotype endured through the 20th century. The name &quot;Uncle Tom&quot; became an insult to African-Americans who are accused of being subservient to Whites. However, Tom&#39;s last name, Dubois, comes from W.E.B. Dubois, a black philosopher and one of the founders of the NAACP; Dubois theorized that African Americans would be elevated in the eyes of the rest of society by the &quot;talented tenth,&quot; the ten most intellectually astute percent of all African Americans. Thus, a conflicting dichotomy is created between the character of Tom and the origins of his first and last names.<br/><br/>Uncle Ruckus&#39;s name and appearance appear to be a reference to Uncle Remus, the narrator from <a href="/name/nm0364873/">Joel Chandler Harris</a>&#39;s series of folktales (1880-1905). Remus was a kindly, elderly slave who enjoys telling whimsical, educational stories to White children. Ruckus&#39;s love of White children in &quot;A Huey Freeman Christmas&quot; also is a reference though his hatred of African-Americans is not a characteristic of Remus. Like Uncle Tom, Uncle Remus became controversial in the 20th century as many felt the character perpetuated the stereotype of the happy slave. A film adaptation, <a href="/title/tt0038969/">Song of the South (1946)</a> (1946), was very popular at the time but has not been released on home video or DVD in the US. Many consider Ruckus to be a parody of controversial writer <a href="/name/nm0189459/">Stanley Crouch</a> with whom he shares a passing resemblance. Crouch is controversial for his belligerence, his criticism of several African-American intellectuals, and his frequent use of the word &quot;Negro&quot; which is considered derogatory. In episode #14 of the 3rd season, he cries to his estranged father, Mister Ruckus, &quot;I hate you! You the reason why, after I say the name &#39;Ruckus,&#39; I always say, &quot;No relation.&quot; I am adopted! I am adopted!&quot;
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